At a time when we’re all dreaming of resuming travel on full speed, it’s more important than ever to stick to good habits. Travel, whether near or far, must always be sustainable. This is what we strive to promote in the Ginto Collection. The page below lists some of the things we’ve accomplished with our environmental initiatives, as well as the certifications that our hotel have received.

We are pleased to announce the signing of the Surfrider Foundation Europe agreement. In order to raise awareness among our customers & employees about the issues related to plastic pollution, and to promote a positive change for the preservation of the oceans, GINTO Hotels & Hotel Paradis are committed to the Surfrider Europe Foundation in the fight against plastic pollution.

Our breakfast has received the Ocean Friendly Restaurant label from Surfrider Europe. This program was designed to encourage restaurant owners to make a green transition and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability through concrete actions.  

The Hotel Paradis is now committed to Café Joyeux solidarity restaurants. By offering high quality coffee "Café Joyeux" to all our customers, the Hotel Paradis supports the mission and development of Café Joyeux.. Its ambition? To make disability visible and to encourage encounters, by offering work, in a regular environment, to people who are far from employment.

To reduce our consumption of plastic bottles, the Hotel Paradis is pleased to offer you this still & sparkling water fountain in our breakfast area. To allow all guests to benefit from this quality micro filtered Castalie water carafe, guaranteed zero waste, a reusable bottle fill with still water is also available in our room.

To start the day, you will find also for breakfast granola made by our team. Our granola will be ideal with our home-made yoghurts or compotes.

📍 Hôtel Paradis Paris
10th arrondissement of Paris 

 And that changes everything!  By donating one euro at the time of check-out, you contribute 
to the protection of the oceans and their biodiversity with Surfrider Foundation Europe.
Find out how this association has been working for over 30 years.

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