A small act for great causes 🤝

This association has been working for over 30 years on 3 themes.

The fight against aquatic waste:
You have probably heard about the 8th continent created in the north-east of the Pacific. Each year, more than 8 million pieces of waste are dumped into the ocean. Taking sustainable and effective actions against the dumping of waste in the ocean allows us to fight against pollution which, in addition to being harmful and even deadly for marine mammals, is also a danger for humans.

In addition to not throwing waste in nature, Surfrider Foundation Europe proposes other solutions for everyday life to reduce its consumption of plastic.

Coastal development and climate change:
Each year, we observe changes in the coastline related to natural phenomena, climate change which humans are responsible (directly or indirectly). This increases the degradation of the coastline. Surfrider Foundation Europe therefore watches over the development of the coastline by fighting, for example, against offshore drilling in favor of blue energy.

Preserving the quality of water and the health of users:
With its various laboratories, Surfrider Foundation Europe takes several samples throughout the year to preserve the health and safety of all marine mammals and humans. These analyses also allow for sustainable actions to be taken to preserve water quality.

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